LENNY: the musical
His name was Lenny and he was Mummy’s favorite little boy. Teased and ridiculed constantly by school bullies, members of his football team – even teachers and friends, Lenny struggles to find any joy in his life until he meets Ariel, a young girl who shows him the true value of himself.  Lenny must battle many obstacles along to way to protect their picturesque bond– like a group of insidious school thugs, an evil disturbing teacher names Ms Snaps, an egocentric school jock who believes he is Rocky and a neurotic mother who will not let him leave the house. 
Lenny is a comical musical song and dance piece of theatre; a coming of age story about love, family, friendship and what it means to be individual.

The script process of Lenny has undergone massive developments. There have been 2 plays - Lenny & Lenny 2: the promise produced and performed at secondary colleges. Part 1, entitled Lenny – was written and performed at Hampton Senior High School in October of 2013. The audiences were so enthralled that the demand helped perpetuate and inspire a sequel the following year – entitled Lenny 2: the promise, which was performed in November 2014.  This massive production showcased the skills of more than 50 young performers.  Again, audiences were dazzled and primary school audiences screamed and chanted so ferociously during the matinee performances that it felt like a mini Lenny revolution had evolved.  

Not only did the production raise positive cultural capital between the school and the overly enthusiastic large group of students for several years but it also started a following from people both elderly and young, which still talk about it today.  It is because of these amazing theatrical experiences, passionate and creative students and a series of dynamic productions that have inspired the development of Lenny: the musical.  With it’s memorable and hilarious characters, relatable and important themes, ferociously paced musical pieces and a story that stirs the heart – Playtime Theatre Productions are buzzing with excitement to bring a new script and production - Lenny: the musical to a big stage!